Интересная и полезная информация
  • Alex Grieg
    There are unions of musician and instrument, which once you hear them, are impossible to forget. Just like it’s impossible to describe the creamy timbre, ringing of high notes… It’s like trying to find words to describe the subtle aroma of a flower, dazzling sunshine or endlessness of the sky… All you can do is just listen to such music…
    Alexey Grigorev and his violin is an example of such magnificent unions. There is no way to forget or describe the emotions and feelings which his performances give you. They include violent passion, tender sadness, as well as encouraging delight. 
    He’s not confined within the canon of one particular musical style. He likes contrasts and new solutions and discoveries. Vivaldi’s tracks can be found side by side with dynamic Linkin Park’s songs and rhythmic Metallica’s tunes. Classic music and rock, lyrical and dynamic music – everything finds place in his repertoire.